About Us

The Sorsele Group consists of black entrepreneurs with experience across a multitude of industries, that has empowered them to become experts in their respective fields.

As a level 1 BBBEE contributor, the group jointly seeks opportunities to participate positively in the South African economy as well as beyond South African borders. Our team is directly involved in the origination, creation, significant ownership, management and operation of enterprises that strive to unlock the productive potential of our country’s capital assets.

Sorsele Trading (Pty) Ltd was acquired by Executive Chairman, Peter Skei in 2011, with the ambition to develop it into a group with diverse interests. The company aims to expand by empowering, training and developing people in entities.

Oil and Lubricants (Click through to Mabanol)

Medical Clothing and Equipment

Water and Water Treatment consulting

Hair Salon and Hair Products


Life Coaching and Human Resources consulting

Cleaning chemicals

Our Products

If there were no bad speculations there would be no good investments; if there no wild ventures there would be no brilliantly successful enterprises.

- F.W.Hirst